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When I was a shock, I had believed it was a problem of some bug FIFA set, but then I took the time for you to practice a handful of more quickly defender, Low cost Fifa Coins looking a robust defensive midfielder, hit 41212 and 4222 formation soon after formation, and other individuals visit play and haven’t scored Fifa Ultimate Group Coins,a lot of other side in the ball in the bottom line of cut, so right here also remind you not to blindly pursuit, cattle frontcourt, backcourt is very critical, whenever you have a robust defense, and also you will find that you might raise the confidence of someone playing a lot, do not worry concerning the so-called. Here will be the identical time of a suggestion in reality, football is commonly restricted under the bottom, then cut via technical dribbling. If you’d like to know far more information and facts about it, you could come right here to have a look.more:www.futcoinsbuy.co.uk

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Mourinho revealed after the Carling Cup team foremost spirits, also said the club from top to bottom are focused on preparing for the next away game against West Ham.

When the usual pre-match press conference attended, Mike Mussina reviewed London derby against Tottenham, West Ham forward under a London derby. He also answered questions about Terry renew the morale of the importance of the title race and the first round of the arrangements.

Reporters were asked to be the first weekend after the League Cup aspirations, how about the atmosphere within the team.

“We are very happy.” Mussina said. “Everyone likes to win. I think the players are very happy, but that is normal for the kind of fun, nothing else.”

“Sunday’s all made me very happy. See Drogba, Cech and Terry won one of these players also enjoy winning a trophy, and I am happy because I could see a bit of his own shadow. You never tired of victory. ”

“Those first or basically be the first win over Chelsea players – such as Azar, William Oscar them – makes me very happy.”

“I’m also for the future of the young people I know infinitely happy fans, family, and the players family (of joy) also makes me happy. I first (when the win) and as happy.”

Mourinho explained that he and his team celebrate after the game on the field and is limited to the locker room, but returned home, he and his wife drank a glass of champagne. He told the West Ham game, players can put two days off to do some “people of this age want to do.”

Impact on the remainder of the season to win the stage – especially taking into account the same day the league Manchester City crashed out of Liverpool factors – Mourinho said: “I really do not know if I believe that even if the final lost, nor will we in the Premiership. Champions League journey and what a negative impact. ”

“Also, I think that this victory would not we feel like in heaven, everything is good. Then we have an important and difficult game to play, there is an important and difficult week in the Champions League.”

“We have five points advantage, which is not much in the league, because every game is difficult to play and beat the league, when you see only your accomplishments. You score a direct competitor is also very important. You This season, playing well is not likely to take the title, because you might have to play better than others. ”

“Direct competitor to drop points, it is good for you; and vice versa, we drop points is good news for them, which is part of the Premier League for Burnley when we lost two points, we are. do not panic. You must maintain emotional balance and move on. ”

“Math is always handy and now we left 12 game, subject and object in half, and that is to have 36 points to fight for.”

Next, our first guest is to visit war with Upton Park in London. Mourinho expects a great game difficulty.

. “West Ham is a strong team,” Mourinho said. “They can do anything: defense is very strong, very offensive threat, long-ball threat is very, very fast Nicolas and Valencia beat these players to find space counterattack very threatening. ”

“They have a variety of play and treatments to choose from. There are Sam (Allardyce) is such a good coach, the opponent is always difficult to deal with.”


Pre-match press conference, Mourinho also confirmed that he would not send the same starting lineup the final weekend. Mikel is still missing injured last week, he moved a minor knee meniscus. Mussina expect him back in the first week of April.

A reporter asked about the whereabouts of Terry future problems.

“I can guarantee that next season he will be a Chelsea player. The Board and the players told me that if I knew it. He would get his contract.”

“These generals are difficult to be replaced. At the same time, you have to start thinking about how to do in the future. This is the best approach. Sometimes the solution is at hand, and sometimes not, get into the club beyond vision . ”

“This is a process that we can take it. This season, John (Terry) once again proved that he can play for many years. Last year I came back, he was just going through a difficult period. He did well last season, this season better than last season. He has time to enjoy football together with us. ”

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EA FIFA 15 FUT Announce Release Dates for January Winter Upgrades

Full FIFA can Fifa Coins now confirm the release date for the first batch of EA FIFA 15 winter upgrades. Last year, EA released the January upgrades in two separate batches, one slated for mid-February and the other in the early part of March. This year, we can expect a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat, winter upgrades will be released next Friday, February 13th, 2015. According to our inside sources, it is expected that the upgraded players will be entering packs at 6pm GMT.

The anticipation is building for winter upgrades, following the remarkable TOTY release that featured a 99-rated Cristiano Ronaldo and 96-rated Manuel Neuer. In addition, EA has released four batches of winter transfers to-date. What’s next?

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Na een kind, kopen fut 15 coins Xbox 360 twee mensen gekleed in zwarte pakken lopen naar haar toe, hij beleefd stond op, hier om te kopen goedkope fifa coins rechtgetrokken Shenshangnajian zwarte Giorgio Armani jurk, lacht fifa 15 Ultimate Team coins erg uit fifacoinsbuy van futcoins kopen fut 15 coins kopen FIFA 15 coins IOS xbox ene kant: “Hallo, nl.futcheap.com ik ben McCully”
De andere kant fifacoinsbuy van fut 15 coins Xbox One fifa munten die hetzelfde meisje het dragen van een zwarte jurk de hand, zeer elegant grip dan: “Leuk je te ontmoeten, ik ben kitty hier om het goedkoopste fifa coins kopen dit is mijn baas Palace goedkoopste fifa 15 munten ALFA … ”
Mia zitten in fifa munt slaan de levende goedkope fifa 15 coins xbox één kamer fifacoins op de cheapfutcoins grote beste plek om fifa 15 coins bank te kopen, houdt PS4 fifa coins Xbox One fifa coins een kopje koffie. Terwijl kopen fifa 15 coins per klik hier drinken, goedkope fifa 15 coins ps4 kopen fut 15 coins ps3 terwijl lachend op hem.
Hij goedkope fifa coins pc goedkope fifa 15 coins ios fronste fifa 15 munten xbox one en zei niets. goedkope fifa 15 coins Xbox 360 Ga dan naar beneden richting zijn kamer
Het hebben van slechts twee stappen, Mia hield hem tegen: “uw bagage hier, is goed verpakt, voordat je koopt fifa coins kunt niet altijd zeggen wat je wilt fut munten verhuizen, james denken dat je niet klein, om pc fifa 15 coins fifacoins kopen fifacoinsbuy goedkoopste fifa 15 coins te kopen xbox 360 fifa coins eerlijk, als Amerikaanse kinderen om goedkope fifa 15 coins ios het kopen van je zo de zee levend FIFA Ultimate Team munten thuis, kopen goedkope fifa xbox een goedkope fifa coins online munten is zeer beschamend ding, fifa 15 munten ps4 en niet te vergeten wat er gebeurd is gisteren kopen FIFA Ultimate Team coins …… ik denk dat kopen xbox 360 fifa coins nu kopen goedkope fifa xbox één munten is een goede pasvorm, maar ook zeer nodige tijd. ”
Neil draaide zich om en zag twee cheapfifa enorme koffers op de deur,
Hij lengleleng, toen lachte, deze Mia zei: “Ik denk Koop Goedkoop FIFA 15 Koop Goedkoop FIFA 15 Coins Coins heb je alles wat je wilt.”
Mia fifa 15 coins kopen reageren op hem met een stralende lach: ‘Nog niet cheapfifacoins ”

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