A Few Questions On Indispensable Aspects For Weightlifting

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For Asian-American women who grew up in the States, this is crucial; not only do we have to answer to Eastern standards of beauty, but we also have to reconcile with the Western standard, which, for the past decade, has promoted tall and tan bodies with curves in all the “right” places — an impossible standard for the majority of women. When constantly bombarded with the standards of Western and Eastern beauty, it can sometimes be hard to find where Asian-American women fit in. For Strength Training For Triathletes many Asian-American women who lift, however, weightlifting has emerged as an active, productive rebellion against something they have struggled with their entire life; having other people, be it family, the media, or complete strangers, tell them who and how they should be. In a time when many Asian-American women are trying to figure out what the hyphen in “Asian-American” means for them, the importance of hobbies that help you own and know who you are is crucial. “Lifting empowers me as a woman, and especially as an East Asian woman,” Anna Chen tells Bustle. “People expect East Asians to be meek and submissive, but I know I’m far from that. Lifting makes me feel really strong both physically and mentally, and it has taught me not to let others put me into a box because of how I look.” “It changed my life for the better,” Roy agrees. “I realized that the stereotypes of womanhood and East Asians were so deeply ingrained into my schema that it had inadvertently not only shaped how I saw the world and my place in it, but impacted how I saw myself.” “The gym is one of the few environments where I feel completely comfortable and badass, even though I stand out from almost everyone else there,” Chen says. Being a badass is one theme these women come back to over and over again. In a time when many Asian-American women are trying to figure out what the hyphen in “Asian-American” means for them, the importance of hobbies that help you own and know who you are is crucial. Weightlifting seems to help women achieve just that.

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